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Shindig! Broadcast #82

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS gets inside the contents of issue #109 on our monthly Soho Radio show


Neu! ‘Hallogallo’
Daniel Romano ‘Joys Too Often Hollow’
Skip Spence ‘Little Hands’
Van Duren ‘Grow Yourself Up’
Of Arrowe Hill ‘You Wish (It Was This Easy)’
Elvis Perkins ‘Promo’
Easy Browns ‘Scantily Clad Rat Inhabitants’
The Nude Party ‘Cities’
Skyway Man ‘Night Walking, Alone’
Lovechild ‘Sunshine’
Neil Harrison ‘I Need A Friend Like You’ 
The Moons ‘Tunnel Of Time’ 
The Shame ‘Don’t Go Away Little Girl’
Shy Limbs ‘Reputation’
Pete Sinfield ‘Still’
Uriah Heep ‘Walking In Your Shadow’
Spontaneous Combustion ‘Lonely Singer’ 
John’s Children ‘Jagged Time Lapse’
Andy Ellison ‘It’s Been A Long Time’
Andy Ellison ‘Cornflake Zoo’
Jet ‘My River’ 
Radio Stars ‘No Russians In Russia’
Trees ‘Garden Of Jane Delawney’
Baby Huey ‘Listen To Me’
The Byrds ‘Lady Friend’
The Byrds ‘Renaissance Fair’
The Byrds ‘Thoughts And Words’
Joni Mitchell ‘Urge For Going’
Eden Rose ‘Travelling’
Kim Fowler ‘Thunder Road’
Linda Hoyle ‘Big Black Crow’


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