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Southeast Of Saturn

Jack White’s label THIRD MAN RECORDS are behind new compilation Southeast Of Saturn, a look at the fertile yet hitherto relatively overlooked shoegaze/spacerock scene that flourished amongst Anglophile bands and fans in ’90s Michigan. We’re running a feature on the comp in the forthcoming Shindig! issue 110, available soon in shops and via this website, but as a taster, here’s the premiere of a trailer direct from the label which features a (previously not online) track by avant-space trio Asha Vida called ‘Eskimo Summer’



7 thoughts on “Southeast Of Saturn

  1. This is great! Glad to hear🎶 music from the root musicians of the motor city that resonate with rock and alternative rock. Atta boy Jack!

  2. Yes, thank you Third Man Records! I sure miss the old days of the Spacerock movement and all the fun that came along with it! There’s a lot more of it out there in the archives (on old 4-track tapes, in boxes in attics and on long-lost vinyls, probably in Germany).

  3. Thanks Third Man! Love and so proud to be involved with this release! And can’t wait to read the article Shindig!

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