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Shindig! Broadcast #81

THOMAS PATTERSON delves inside issue #108


Barry Dransfield ‘The Werewolf ‘
Nazz ‘Open My Eyes’
Eddie Floyd ‘People Get It Together ‘
Slade ‘Them Kinda Monkeys Can’t Swing’
The Carrie Nations ‘Find It ‘
Dewey Cox ‘Beautiful Ride’
The Arbors ‘Okalona River Bottom Band’
Bobbie Gentry ‘Big Boss Man’
Dory Previn ‘The Lady With The Braid’
Psychic Temple (feat. Cherry Glazerr) ‘Let Me Comb Your Hair’
Psychic Temple (feat. Xololanxinxo)  ‘In This Life’
Young Gun Silver Fox ‘Danny Jamaica’
Kursaal Flyers ‘Yellow Sox’
Cut Worms ‘Every Once In A While’
Driftwood ‘Ernest And Amelia; Don’t Be Sad Today’
Brian Bennett ‘Rocky Raccoon’
The Flat Five ‘Oh What a Day’
Deniz Tek + James Williamson ‘Jet Pack Nightmare‘
The Budos Band ‘Silver Stallion’
Group Modular ‘The Phantom Mazone ‘
Skooshny ‘No for Yes‘
Lucifer ‘Witch Trial’
Pelomono ‘E Como Roma’
Soreng Santi ‘Iron Man’
Todd Rundgren ‘International Feel’
Todd Rundgren ‘Never Never Land’
Todd Rundgren ‘Tic Tic Tic, It Wears Off ‘
Todd Rundgren ‘You Need Your Head’
Hall & Oates ‘Johnny Gore And The C Eaters’
Frank Fogden ‘All You’ve Got To Do’
Garcia Peoples ‘One At A Time’
Sandy Denny ‘After Halloween’ (Demo)
Lasse Lindgren ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’


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