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Shindig! Broadcast #80

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS spins and discusses the music featured in issue #107


David Rose ‘The Blowup’
Matt Berry ‘Take A Bow’
Paul Molloy ‘Dungaree Day’
Emitt Rhodes ‘Holly Park’
Lio ‘Hot Love’
Papooz ‘The Garden’
Dent May ‘Sea Salt & Caramel’ 
Chris Money ‘The Seagull’ 
Scotch Mist ‘Pamela’
Pilot ‘Bad To Me’
Todd Rungren ‘I Saw The Light’
CSNY ‘Carry On’
CSNY ‘Ohio’
CSNY ‘Find The Cost Of Freedom’
CSNY ‘Ivory Tower’
The Reflective Detectives ‘I Could Be Hip’
Five By Five ‘Seven And Seven Is’
Gilbert Safrani ‘Les Gens S’en Vons Dans Le Ciel’
Gold ‘No Parking’
Randy Newman ‘Gone Dead Train’
The Saints ‘Know Your Product’
The Crumble Factory ‘Days Of A Salesman’
Los Shakers ‘Una Forma De Arco Isis’
The Tremeloes ‘Willow Tree’
Tomorrow ‘My White Bicycle’
Jason Crest ‘Black Mass’
Dan Penn ‘Nobody’s Fool’
Jack Nitzsche ‘Lower California’
Susan Carter ‘San Francisco Woman’
Unicorn ‘Sleep Song’
The Steve Miller Band ‘Wild Mountain Honey’
Andrew Gold ‘Oh Urunia (Take Me Away)’
Roy Budd ‘The Stone Killer’ (7” Mix)


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