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Premiere: The Hanging Stars – (I’ve Seen) The Summer In Her Eyes

Shindig! favourites THE HANGING STARS release new song ‘(I’ve Seen) The Summer In Her Eyes’ on Friday 8th November taken from the forthcoming album A New Kind Of Sky.

‘(I’ve Seen) The Summer In Her Eyes’ is two minutes of pure pastoral garage with a healthy dose of psych and country, it’s a winning mix that rarely heralds from the bleakness of 2019 London, it’s a sound that is far more aligned with the wide open skies of California fifty years ago. This is no pastiche, this is the sound that THE HANGING STARS have been honing since their debut album in 2016.

‘(I’ve Seen) The Summer In Her Eyes’ was written by the bands bass player Sam Ferman, and it is the first time he has performed lead vocals on a THE HANGING STARS single. The song is about lost love and self doubt and can be summed up by one of the closing lines “Here grew a flower out of a ground made of stone. Its petals were scattered. Out on the breeze they die.” It’s the juxtaposition of the hope and bleakness in the same breath coupled with a bright and airy melody that make this track so irresistible.

Photo: Paul Kelly

‘(I’ve Seen) The Summer In Her Eyes’ is released globally on Friday 8th November through Crimson Crow.

A New Kind Of Sky will be released on 21st February 2020.

The video for ‘(I’ve Seen) The Summer In Her Eyes’ was directed by Leon Dufficy.


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