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Gorilla ‘Treecreeper’ Stream

Okay Stoners… the UK’s finest propenents of the big riff and spliff, GORILLA return with their first full-album in 12 years. Stream it all now before its release on June 21st… and then buy here

Some bands crave the limelight and adulation of their peers, some relentlessly jump on bandwagons and kissass trends in the hope of getting liked. An elite few stuck to their musical guns and spend their time writing kickass rock songs that transcend pointless genres and labels. Thank God or Satan – Gorilla fit into the latter type of band and don’t believe in either God or the devil and don’t give a fuck who you pray to! The new album Treecreeper proves exactly why you shouldn’t deviate from the original blueprint, it crackled with fuzzy energy then swoops into a slow burning stoner groove on the turn of a dime! The trio has been around since the original first wave of stoner and boy, it shows – THEY CAN FUCKIN PLAY! No pedalling a tired snails pace fifth hand, half-assed Sabbath riff for these boys and girl, they write their own timeless, classic riffs and throw more ideas away than most bands ever have! Do yourselves and your friends a favour and get a copy of Treecreeper pronto and remind or discover what this type of music was meant to be about – honest, no bullshit, fuck the safety net rock ‘n’ roll, no gimmicks, just fuckin’ killer face melting tuned to blow up the system to! Gorilla fuck the business! — Chris P. Bacon


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  1. Have seen and heard Gorilla a few times. Great band, great music and great people

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