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Shindig! Broadcast #62

A predominantly French show this time around, with one and half hours worth of  music from and surrounding issue #91 (our “French Special”). For the last 30 minutes we are joined by Neil Norman of The Seeds’ label GNP Crescendo, talking about his own career, The Seeds in the ’60s and their upcoming show and film screening at Le Beat Bespoke, this Saturday


Michel Polnareff  ‘Voyages’
Françoise Hardy ‘Viens’
Ilous & Decuyper ‘Eleanor Rigby’
Popera Cosmic ‘Indicatif’
Zouzou ‘Il Est Parti Comme Il Etait Venu’
Michel Berger ‘3eme Mouvement’
Triangle ‘Golden Screen’
Les Variations ‘What A Mess Again’
Jean Le Fennec ‘La Boule Et Le Verre’
Claude Lombard  ‘Polychromés’          
Serge Gainsbourg   ‘Je N’avais Pas Qu’un Seul Mot A Lui Dire’
Foxygen ‘Livin A Lie’    
Modern Nature ‘Nature’
The Comet is Coming ‘Summon The Fire’      
Janko Nilovic ‘Drug Song’
Juniore ‘Panique’
Gloria ‘Dancehall N°3’   
Des Limiñanas  ‘My Black Sabbath’   
Le SuperHomard ‘In The Park’
L’Impératrice ‘Matahari’
William Sheller ‘Opus Magnum Pt.1’  
Alain Goraguer ‘Mira Et Ten’
Michel Magne Et Son Orchestre ‘Prophets’ 
Bernard Estardy ‘Monsieur Doutor’  
Robert Wyatt & Bertrand Burgalat ‘This Summer Night’
P.J. Proby ‘Rainbow Road’   
Count Indigo ‘Trinity II’
Neil Norman ‘Wild Boys’
The Seeds ‘Trip Maker’ (Live)
The Seeds ‘Pushin’ Too Hard’


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