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Shindig! Broadcast #61

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS, PAUL OSBORNE and THOMAS PATTERSON return to Soho Radio for their monthly show, with guest JIM JONES


Pye Corner Audio ‘Imprisoned Splendour’ (Talk Over)
The Kinks ‘She’s Got Everything’
The Seeds ‘The Flower Lady And Her Assistant’
Nick Waterhouse ‘Song For Winners’
Holiday Ghosts ‘BS Porsche’
Grand Veymont ‘Les Rapides Bleus’
77:78 ‘If I’m Anything’
The Velvet Underground ‘She’s My Best Friend’
The Gentle Cycle ‘Shells & Spells’
Spirit ‘A Dream Within’
Stumpwater ‘The Hermit’
Panther man ‘Pantherman’
Mud ‘Nite On The Tiles’
Suzi Quatro ‘Primitive Love’
Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind ‘ Sex Robot’
Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind ‘Shazam’
Climax Chicago ‘Mole On The Dole’
Townes Van Zandt ‘Hunger Child Blues’
Larry Jon Wilson ‘Sheldon Churchyard’
The Flamin’ Groovies ‘She’s Falling Apart’
Frankie & The Witchfingers ‘Realisation’
Catherine Howe ‘What A Beautiful Place’
The Velvet Underground ‘Ride Into The Sun’


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