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Shindig! Broadcast #60

THOMAS PATTERSON and PAUL OSBORNE return to Soho Radio for our monthly radio show


Swamp Dogg ‘Total Destruction To Your Mind’
The Cords ‘Ghost Power’
The Stairs ‘Happyland’
Nino Nardini ‘Tropicola’
Fifty Foot Hose ‘Red The Sign Post’
Le SuperHomard ‘Paper Girl’
Mudhoney ‘Kill Yourself Live’
Jimmy Fraser ‘Of Hopes And Dreams And Tombstones’
Franco Micalizzi ‘Night Breeze’
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore ‘The L.S. Bumble Bee’
Harry H Corbett ‘The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God’
Mike & Bernie Winters ‘Fallout Shelter’
John Fiddy ‘Taste For Living’
Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane ‘Title One’
Big Star ‘The Ballad Of El Goodo’
Marmalade ‘Reflections Of My Life’
The Searchers ‘Popcorn Double Feature’
Gary Pacific Orchestra ‘Soft Wind’
Epic Soundtracks ‘You Can Be My Baby’
Paul Roland ‘Dr Strange’
Freedom ‘The Butt Of Deception’
Alan Parker & Madeline Bell ‘Soul Slap’
Durand Jones & The Indications ‘Morning in America’
Dusty Springfield ‘What Do You Do When Love Dies’
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett ‘Daytripper’
Michael Chapman ‘It’s Too Late’
William Tyler ‘Fail Safe’
Jessica Pratt ‘Poly Blue’
David Snell ‘International Flight’
Epic Soundtracks ‘Farmer’s Daughter’
Dylan Rodrigue ‘Self Love’
Dusty Springfield ‘Don’t Forget About Me’
John Cameron ‘Liquid Sunshine’
Emma Tricca ‘Green Box’
Kacy & Clayton ‘Cannery Yard’
The Hanging Stars ‘Ruby Red’
Brian Eno ‘From the Same Hill’
Big Star ‘Back Of A Car’ (alternate mix)


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