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Strange Majik ‘Building It Up And Tearing It Down’

STRANGE MAJIK’s new video ‘Building It Up And Tearing It Down’ is a funk blues workout, driven by Sly Stone guitars and a clavinet that Stevie Wonder would be proud of.  “Songs come to me in dreams, ‘Building It Up…’ was a dream song, I wake and write, then I give myself a deadline to finish the song.” says mastermind David Pattillo

Pattillo is an Emmy Award nominated multi-faceted producer, songwriter and performer who takes blues, soul, rock and funk and crafts it into new and exciting soundscapes. Strange Majik will be returning to the UK in November for The Shindig! Revue #4 on the 23rd with Soundcarriers and Gloria, along with dates in Liverpool and more TBC


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