The Loons ‘Blue Ether’

Ugly Things‘ Mike Stax, wife Anja and the guys from La Mesa dazzle with video for new Dirty Water single ‘Blue Ether’

Mike Stax on the song: “I’d say ‘Blue Ether’ was a mixture of Electric Banana Pretty Things, Da Capo Love and Sunset Strip raga rock. We recorded it using an the original 8-track Ampex machine from Sunset Sound so we may have smeared in some tape residue from Strange Days, Safe As Milk or Buffalo Springfield Again. Certainly, like the song says, we were reaching for a higher place.”

Anja Stax on the inspiration behind the video: “We already had an idea about using some of the video footage which was recorded at our most recent photo shoot. We had our friends Ake and Josh, collectively known as Operation:Mindblow do all the liquid light projections for the photos and the mood and colors just turned out perfectly to work with the title “Blue Ether”. I love what those guys can do with a few overhead projectors, oils and secret ingredients. The next inspiration was watching a BBC documentary about the anniversary of Saturday Night Fever. Interesting and not so well known that it was leaning on the 60s angle as the article which the movie was based on was originally based on the whole English mod movement. I have always loved the movie and especially that opening scene when John Travolta is walking down the sidewalk with his cool boots and not a care in the world. The director mentioned that this scene was shot with the camera sitting on a skateboard which immediately gave me the idea of the opening scene of the video. A homage to a movie, made on a low budget but with great visual outcome. We taped my phone to a skateboard, attached a piece of string and went up and down our street to the amusement of all our neighbors. I think the outcome is quite good.”

Tour Dates

29.3. Longrono – Stereo
30.3. Cangas – Salason
31.3. Ponferrada, Spain – Freakland Festival, Sala La Vaca
01.4. Bilbao – Satelite T
02.4. Pamplona – Nebula Bar
03.4. Gijon -Sala Memphis
04.4. Madrid – Funhouse
06.4. Scorzè/Venice, Italy – Novak Club
07.4. Alessandria, Italy – Primavera  Beat, Cinema Macallè


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