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10 Of The Best: Country-Funk

Light In The Attic’s two recent Country Funk sets series shed some much-needed light on some previously overlooked gems of Deep Southern goodness that saw the tributaries of soul, funk and country flowing freely into one another. Where the series has tended to include plenty of more marginalised cuts by well-known names such as Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton, Shindig!‘s HUGH DELLAR digs ever deeper to bring you 10 utterly obscure country-funk gems. 

1. Ronnie Fray – Little Jimmy Jones Was A Funky Little Cat Why Played Drums In A Three Piece Band (1972)

Insanely funky breakbeat-laden Mississippi B-Boy badass genius

2. Bill Wrick – Just One More Time (1971)

A Job Records 45: a desperate piece of sexed-up soul with monster slide guitar lines. 

3. Lowell Farmer – Huffin’ and Puffin’ (date unknown)

Oddball track out of Memphis, based on an adult update of the Three Little Pigs story.

4. John Hearon – Baby I Need You (date unknown)

Great wasted lazy late-night vibes out of Nashville.

5. Dale Hawkins featuring Dan Penn – Little Rain Cloud (1969)

Monstrous swamp-rock boogie shack-shaker by the man who gave us ‘Suzie Q’.

6. Mike Hurst – Scarlett Revisited (1971)

The best home-cooked grits and gravy country funk you’ll ever by a young lad from Neasden!

7. CJ – Lay Back (1976)

CJ was really called Curt Johnson and this comes off his Ovation LP, My Lady’s Eyes: sleazy, louche, funky country music with a monster rhythm section holding it down – and a guitar sound that’s pure deep-fried strip club filth.

8. Bobbie Cupit – Guitar Pickin’ Devil (1977)

Cut from the same deep and sultry cloth as Bobbie Gentry; monster.

9. Dr J Gale Kilgore – I Can Do What He Did (date unknown)

More truck-drivin’ cheap motel guns and sex bad goodness.

10. Tobias Wood henderson – Color Blind Man (1970)

The kind of storming percussion-driven country funk stormer than leaves even Tony Joe White in the shade.


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