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Delays To US Subscriptions

We have received a lot of emails from US subscribers, and here’s why

USPS had/have huge capacity problems, and limited the max amount of inbound mail for all airline companies. In result there are huge back logs at all European airports for cargo to the USA.

We are using multiple airports all over Europe to move out our traffic to the USA, but this issues has affected all airports, and we are only able to export limited amounts a day.

We will keep you updated, and we will do everything we can to minimize the delays.

United States of America

Date: December 2016
Expected delay: Unknown
Country: United States of America
Reason for service alert: Earlier we informed you that due to service limitations imposed by airlines, coupled by extremely heavy peak volumes, there is presently congestion for airmail to some destinations in US. As a result we’re currently encountering delays on all outgoing mail and parcel delivery services to US. On behalf of the designated operator of the United States of America we would like to inform you that all of the five offices of exchange of the United States Postal Service are open and receiving mail. Please note that there are no embargos. Due to limited ground-handler staffing and equipment, coupled with the heavy peak volumes, all offices of exchange are experiencing heavy congestion. We will continue to take measures to minimize the impact and we will keep you informed of developments.

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