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WIN… Teufel Mute BT Headphones

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS’ sounds out German direct to consumer manufacturer TEUFEL’s latest Bluetooth headphones – the Move BT and the Mute BT

Translated as “Devil” this Berlin based brand have achieved monstrously great things in their homeland. Founded in 1979 as the manufacturers of DIY loudspeaker kits, Teufel then grew into a veritable direct sales company, which in the mid-90s focussed on the emerging home cinema market and continued to garner respect from an expanding line that now also encompass headphones and Bluetooth technology. The brand have become synonymous with quality at an affordable price – without the middle man costs are kept lower than the leading competitors, but the product is on par.

Shindig! first came across the company after finally responding to their mail shots and were both surprised and very happy to receive a set of the wireless in-ear Move BT (highly portable Bluetooth in-ear headphones) and Mute BT (noise-cancelling over-ear Bluetooth headphones). Both are excellent.

Having used decent enough Sennheiser in-ear headphones and some very expensive Bose Bluetooth Soundlink over-ears, the competition from Teufel was most noticeable. In fact, the care and attention to build quality and the innovative carry cases and product design puts the well-known brands to shame.

In an era where Apple, Samsung, Bose and little else rule the roost it really is refreshing to discover a smaller company, who without the presence of shops, huge marketing budgets and advertising campaigns create high quality product worthy of your attention. Although some readers from Switzerland and Germany have commented on the brilliance of Teufel, those from elsewhere draw a blank. Let that change.

If the in-ear Move BT (£99) ooze quality from the aluminium and rubber finish, sound more than decent and work a treat for jogging and in transit listening it’s the unbelievable value of the  Mute BT (£159) that truly impresses. Compared to the Bose SoundLink wi-fi headphones everything about these affordable headphones trumps the far more known brand.

Remember; as in music, it’s not always the most popular things that are the best.

To win a pair of the Mute BT headphones please answer this simple question:

“What does the BT stand for?”

Email your answer to win@shindig-magazine.com. Closing date: April 14th




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