The Fugitive Truth

In this exclusive adjunct to this issue’s FAMILY DOG feature, co-founder Luria Castell’s daughter Moanna sets the record straight. 

GREG HEALEY listens in

original three
Family Dog originators Luria Castell, Ellen Harmon and Alton Kelley, snapped in 1965 by fourth man, Jack Towle


The story of The Family Dog, as currently documented, is riven with contradictions, in what seems to be a victory of dramatic narrative over actual truth. One individual who had their reputation damaged by this was Luria Castell. Unfortunately, Luria passed away on December 12th 2014, but her daughter, Moanna, kindly agreed to give an interview to clear things up. Read more The Fugitive Truth


Shindig!’s 10 Of The Best: The Songs Of P F Sloan

P F Sloan in 1967

Philip ‘P F’ Sloan passed away on Sunday 15th November at the age of 70 after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer.

The NYC-born singer-songwriter released his first single, ‘All I Want Is Loving’, in 1959 aged just 14, then became a staff writer at Screen Gems Music, working for the likes of Jan & Dean, often in conjunction with writing partner Steve Barri. He formed surf band The Fantastic Baggys and appeared on countless recordings as an on-off member of The Wrecking Crew before going to pen a string of era-defining hits during the remainder of the ’60s. He continued performing and recording intermittently up until his death.

As a tribute to this monumental and unique talent, Shindig! is proud to present 10 interpretations of Sloan’s most popular ’60s songs.

1. Secret Agent Man – Johnny Rivers (1966)

Read more Shindig!’s 10 Of The Best: The Songs Of P F Sloan


Giuda New Album And Single!

Everyone’s favourite Italian retro glam/bovver combo Giuda unleash their third album, Speaks Evil, through Burning Heart Records on 4th December.

12049105_993243584059051_2752083021007169877_nThe 10-tracker finds the boys galvanising the poppier elements of their previous two outings whilst maintaining that all-important stomping twin-guitar attack.

A limited edition seven-inch edition of ‘Roll The Balls’ is already out (and probably gone) and the boys visit the UK for a one-off gig at The Lexington in London on Saturday 5th December. Get yer tickets quick!

In the meantime, here’s the video for ‘Roll The Balls’.



Jacco Gardner – The Louisiana, Bristol

Dutch psych whizz-kid still on the road
The Lousiana, Bristol, 16/09/2015


It’s four months since Jacco Gardner’s Hynophobia was released. Some felt it was a triumphant, galvanising follow-up to his much-loved debut, A Cabinet Of Curiosities, others that it was strangled by a lack of stylistic diversity. What’s beyond doubt is that the live Jacco experience has improved enormously since your correspondent witnessed an awkward, charisma-free appearance 18 months ago.

With his band now expanded to a five-piece, Jacco is relieved of many of the keyboard duties that kept him static and disengaged on stage. Indeed, even in the dingy surroundings of The Louisiana’s tiny upstairs room, the players positively shine as they dutifully work their way through much of both albums. ‘Clear The Air’ (was it really three years ago?) appears second in the set, instantly familiarising audience and band with each other. There’s little deviation from the recorded versions throughout, until the spirit of UFO (or should that be Melkweg?) is set free on a spirited, extended freak-out at show’s end. You can see the grins broadening as the escape valves are opened.

While some of the nuances of Jacco’s dreamy baroque psychedelia may be lost in a live setting, previously undetected references emerge. For the first time I noticed shades of his Dutch forebears The Outsiders’ masterful CQ in the intricately picked guitars and muted toms, while the myriad keyboard sounds – particularly the electric harpsichord and Jacco’s beloved mini-Korg synth – evoked The Left Banke, Lothar & The Hand People and echoes of Odessey & Oracle.

It’ll be interesting to see where Jacco and his band of merry minstrels go on album number three. Some surprises would be nice.

Andy Morten