Shindig! Broadcast #30

Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills and Thomas Patterson are joined by Simon Matthews, author of Psychedelic Celluloid

Frog ‘Witch Hunt’

The Lemon Twigs ‘How Lucky Am I?’

McDonald & Giles ‘Flight Of The Ibis’


The Black Diamonds ‘I Want, Need, Love You’


Penny Arkade ‘Lights Of Dawn’

Lee Hazlwood ‘Morning Dew’


Armando Trovaoli and Mal Ryder ‘Love Girl’

Yvonne ‘While I’m Still Young’

Electric Banana ‘Eagle’s Son’

The Pink Floyd ‘Theme From The Committee’

Harry Nilsson ‘Daybreak’

Zzebra ‘Zardoz’


Hackamore Brick ‘Got A Gal Named Wilma’

Khan ‘Break The Chains’

Stereo Moon ‘Psychedelic Love’

Wolf People ‘Night Witch’

The Olympians ‘Mars’

Tim Buckley ‘Phantasmagoria In Two Live London 1968’


Richard Swift ‘Kisses For The Misses’

Pete Atkin ‘Carnations On The Roof’

The Pattersons ‘I Can Fly’