Quilt ‘Padova’

Another video debut. This time from Quilt, who Shindig! had the pleasure of watching last week here in London

While it would be easy to wax poetic about the lyrics, moods, and textures of the ‘Padova’, there are no words that could supersede those of songwriter Shane Butler, who wrote this song as a reflection on his mother’s death. Watch the touching Christopher Good-directed video, and read Shane’s words below.

“This song was written shortly after my mother passed away. It was written in Padova, Italy on a night where we were scheduled to perform there in the courtyard of a beautiful villa-like building on the outskirts of the city. There were old ceramic walls, chandeliers, Italian vines, and horses on the periphery of the property; it was idyllic to say the least. During this period of time, after my mother had passed, I would talk to her every day. Whether it was in imagination or in spirit doesn’t really matter; my experience was the same. That night in Padova my mother and I talked for a long time as I took a walk around the property. I then happened to come across an old busted up guitar in a giant wooden room with a chandelier in it, I tuned it to something that would work, and this song came out.” Read more Quilt ‘Padova’


Quilt ‘Roller’

From QUILT’s forthcoming album Plaza. Suitably surreal fun

Singer Anna Fox Rochinski developed the video – which features a dream-like and dysfunctional family scene – alongside director Adi Putra. “I spent the holiday season developing a concept with Adi about a strange, semi-dysfunctional family, she says. “The idea originally stemmed from our conversations about our favourite films that demonstrate a family structure that is interrupted by an outside presence and/or has some extremely strange things brewing underneath an otherwise normal surface. I play a disillusioned daughter in a traditionally structured nuclear family, who maintains a relationship with these mysterious apparitions as an escape from her family and a way to feel like she belongs somewhere. It is never made quite clear if they are a figment of her imagination or not, but either way they sure have some cool dance moves. Shane, John and Kevin and I are all siblings with these identical twin kid sisters and a mom and dad. I really love Adi’s aesthetic and his appreciation for all things surreal, strange and yet deeply emotional. We were all instantly drawn to his work and had a blast shooting the video in Venice, California, with Adi and his crew.”

UK + EU Live Dates:

May 10 – Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso
May 11 – Brighton, UK @ The Hope & Ruin
May 12 – Manchester, UK @ Soup Kitchen
May 13 – Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast
May 14 – Leeds, UK @ Headrow House
May 16 – London, UK @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
May 17 – Antwerpen, BE @ Het Bos
May 18 – Paris, FR @ Batofar
May 19 – Lausanne, CH @ Le Romandie
May 20 – Koeln, DE @ King Georg
May 21 – Berlin, DE @ Kantine am Berghain
May 23 – Copenhagen, DK @ Ideal Bar @ Vega
May 24 – Goeteborg, SE @ Pustervik
May 25 – Oslo, NO @ Internasjonalen
May 26 – Lund, SE @ Mejeriet
May 27- Hamburg, DE @ Aalhaus
May 28 – Brugge, BE @ Cactus

Plaza will be released on February 26th via Mexican Summer. The album is reviewed in Shindig! Issue #54


Quilt – ‘Eliot St’

From their fab forthcoming album Plaza

Plaza is the third album by Quilt; a name implying a meeting place, a crossroads, a coming together. In the space of ten songs, Plaza clarifies Quilt’s musical stance of a congregation, mixing folk, pop-psych, and wanderlust into a common ground where each form takes on the characteristics of one another to create something wholly satisfying, styles and sentiments hand in hand, the purest and sharpest distillation of Quilt’s group aesthetic to date. Read more Quilt – ‘Eliot St’