The Shindig! Revue #2 Band Showcase – Black Cat Revue

BEN ADLAM introduces Glasgow quartet BLACK CAT REVUE who’ll be making their London debut and taking the middle slot at The Shindig Revue #2 on Friday 18thMay at The Victoria, Dalston. Buy tickets here

Black Cat Revue were born when (in their own words) “two freaky cats met atop a grassy knoll at midnight under a full moon to marinate in smoke and play sacred vibrations to each other”. On that night a brand new psychedelic fuzz manifesto was written and they’ve been preaching it ever since. Those two freaky cats were Garry Thomson and David McIlwraith. After some gigs as a duo they were joined by bassist Gary de la Latina and more recently Alex Abate behind the kit.

With a knack for writing songs that spin around your head for days and a steely determination to convert the masses to the psychedelic way Black Cat Revue have made great advances north of the border in their three short years, supporting heavy hitters such as Thee Hypnotics, The Stairs, Mystic Braves and Night Beat as well as playing for BBC Introducing at the legendary King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut. Now these psychedelic post-punk outlaws are coming south!

Last year’s debut single ‘Them Red, White & Blues’ b/w ‘Gravedancer’ (Buy It Here) is an acid drenched West Coast jangle affair that feels like it was recorded in a Berlin coal cellar.  Full of reverb and echoes but still feeling intensely claustrophobic, shades of Neil Young and The Black Angels, it’s a strong beginning and definitely deserves a follow up soon!


The Shindig! Revue #2 Band Showcase – The Black Doldrums

BEN ADLAM introduces London duo BLACK DOLDRUMS. See them open the proceedings at The Shindig! Revue #2 on May 18th at The Victoria, Dalston. Buy tickets here

Taking their cue from bands such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and My Bloody Valentine and mixing it with Syd Barrett via The Sisters Of Mercy they have created a genre defying sound. If Phil Spector was a goth this is what his wall of sound would be like,  relentless, pounding beats over fuzzed and distorted guitars and topped with a vocal so ethereal it’s barely there.

Since forming in 2014 Black Doldrums have released a handful of singles, a debut album People’s Temple and, our personal favourite, the Exit City Lights EP. All are full of full of J. Moriarty’s reverb drenched guitars and PViolence’s simple yet powerful drumming with a little dash of lightness from the vocals.

The latest single from the London based duo ‘Those With A Rope Around Their Neck (Don’t Always Hang)’ was released on 18thApril this year via Adjust Records.  A huge helping of stoner drone rock with a big side order of lyrical politicising, very good, very heavy and very now!

Having just completed a wholly inclusive tour of the UK, Black Doldrums are right on top of their game and the perfect way to begin The Shindig! Revue #2.  Bring your cash as we guarantee you’ll be buying records and t-shirts of this band.

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Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills guests on Glass Onion, Boogaloo Radio

Following New Year’s Eve’s extravaganza when Mitch and Stu’s Glass Onion show on Boogaloo Radio had Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills on as a guest our Ed-In-Chief returns with a selection of hand picked tunes


STEVE ELLIS ‘Loots The Root’
CHORDS FIVE ‘Universal Vagrant’
THE CHOIR ‘If These Are Men’
THE CRYAN SHAMES ‘Greensburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith’
THE CYRUS ERIE ‘Get The Message’
THE BLUES MAGOOS ‘Cybil Green Of The In-between’
NEIL MACARTHUR ‘She’s Not There’
THE GLITTERHOUSE ‘Tinkerbell’s Mind’
DRAGONS ‘Amplified Emotion’
MCDONALD & GILES ‘Flight Of The Ibis’
ORANGE BICYCLE ‘Last Cloud Home’
LOS DUG DUG’s ‘Smog’

Spotify playlist for all tracks, including unplayed. But do play the Mixcloud link above for chatter and more music.