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Premiere – Matthews Southern Comfort – Hey Superman

Matthews Southern Comfort share their new song ‘Hey Superman’ exclusively with Shindig! Magazine. Written by Iain Matthews and recorded the band virtually over a 3 day period this plea to higher powers resonates strongly today.

Iain Matthews tells how ‘Hey Superman’ came about. “Sitting in my garden four days ago, I felt that I should be doing something constructive and musical, rather than simply reading a book and plinking around on my guitar, waiting for this fucking mess to be over. It set me thinking about this awful situation we’re all in and I began writing.
Not being one for trite, sentimental crap, I wanted to create something that had a strong message and a sense of humor about this damned pandemic. Something I could send to BJ Baartmans (Guitar, Vocals) , knowing he would recognize it as both a necessary thing and a challenge to his music writing abilities. The entire lyric, including edits and word changes took me about an hour and I felt when I was done, that I’d said something of value. That same day BJ finished the music and sent it back to me for approval. As if he needed it. The man is a songwriting phenomenon. We talked out the style of song we wanted and he went at it. The following day, Tuesday, he sent me back a beautifully crafted acoustic track with his guide vocal. I loved it. I knew I would. It was hard to replace his vocal, but hey, I’m the singer, he’s the guitar player. We sent it on to Eric Devries (Guitar, Vocals) and Bart de Win (Rhodes, Vocals), who instantly heard their parts, recorded them at home and flew them back to BJ, pony express, who mixed it. Three days post to post. Now it’s yours.
If the song can make the slightest positive difference to someone’s day, I’m a happy man. Enjoy.
Hey Superman, where are you!”


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