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Paul Osborne’s deejay set on the Out Of The Wood show, WNBC Radio

Shindig! Assistant Editor PAUL OSBORNE recently played a great set on the ‘Out Of The Wood’ show on WNBC Radio. Here it is for your enjoyment. Just because you’re stuck in doors doesn’t mean you can’t dance


John Barry ‘Capsule In Space’
Ennio Morricone ‘Ninna Nanna Per Adulti’
Luis Bacalov ‘Run & Run Pt.3’
Janko Nilovic ‘Chorus’
Adrian Younge ‘Stranger By The Sea’
Major Force West ‘Mugen In The Morning’
Richard Schneider Jr ‘High’
I Gres ‘Yellow ‘Green’
Margo Guryen ‘Love’
Les Yper Sound  ‘Too Fortiche’
John Murtagh ‘Slinky’
Barry DeVorzon & Perry Botkin, Jr ‘The Riot’
Evolution ‘I’m Walking High’
Stefano Torossi ‘Coast To Coast’
Jimi Macon ‘Jimi’s Guitar Raps With The Bass’
Dario & The Inferno ‘Not Gonna Be Taken In Again’
Little Janice ‘Mirror Mind’
The Richard Whittington Adventure ‘Long Time Wait’
Wes Henderson ‘Reality’
Aphrodite’s Child ‘The Battle Of The Locusts’
Luis Bacalov ‘The Summertime Killer’
Atomic Rooster ‘Head In The Sky’
Mark Fry ‘Mandolin Man’
Jose Mauro ‘Apocolipse’
Kathy Smith ‘Travel In A Circle’
Bobby Hutcherson ‘Hello To The Wind’
Lalo Schfrin ‘Offertory Verse’
David Axelrod ‘The Lost Lament’
Hareton Salvanini ‘Salamandres’
Popera Cosmic ‘Porsuite’
Francis Lai, Christian Gaubert  ‘Theme D’Oliver’
Pierro Piccioni ‘Pearls’
Manfred Mann Chapter 3 ‘Someday’
The Monkees ‘As We Go Along’
The Advancement ‘Stone Folk’


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