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The Saints UK Tour

One of the original punk bands, seminal Australian group The Saints visit the UK for a short tour – with their Liverpool show this coming Thursday. 
A groundbreaking act whose touchstone first single ‘(I’m) Stranded’ was released prior to The Sex Pistols’ vinyl debut, the Brisbane group were the first Australian punk band to break internationally.

Touring in support of 2014’s lauded King Of The Sun/Midnight Sun LP which saw the band pair the 2012 studio original with a set of reworked back catalogue classics, Bruce Springsteen’s recent cover version of ‘Just Like Fire Would’ saw the group reach a massive new audience.

Formed in 1973 and taking inspiration from The Stooges/MC5 the primitive, driving rock ’n’ roll captured on their ’77 debut LP (I’m) Stranded has been cited by Jesus & Mary Chain vocalist Jim Reid as a major influence.

After Ed Kuepper and Ivor Hay quit the band paid homage to the ’60s beat/garage sound that they clearly adored with a faithful cover of The Allusions’ ’66 single ‘Gypsy Woman’ as the B-side of their ’81 single ‘Let’s Pretend’. A sound that many of the coming garage revivalists, especially the Oz league would follow.

Moving towards a classic rock sound in the ’80s and developing an ongoing cult following Stateside, the band have inspired legions of musicians in their home country and beyond.

More info on the UK tour can be found here.


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