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Vetiver’s Complete Strangers Coming Soon

The long awaited new album from Vetiver, released on Easy Sound on July 31st, impresses all at Shindig!

After just one listen we are smitten by the forthcoming album by San Francisco freak-folk (and everything else) veteran Andy Cabic’s Vetiver (featuring performances from our long time pal Bart Davenport and Cabic muse Devendra Barnhart). ‘Loose Ends’ is very much in the jangling modus operandi of The Byrds and Tom Petty, but don’t let that sway you into believing that it’s all like this. Complete Strangers covers a wide arena of sounds from the past 40 years with a smooth West Coast sheen quite unlike the early folkish motifs readily associated with Cabic. It’s new, fresh and timeless sounding. As the artist himself puts it, “It feels like someone I’ve just met yet known for a long time.” Quite.


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