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10 Of The Best: The Stones In The ’70s


In June, The Rolling Stones’ ninth album, 1971’s Sticky Fingers, is reissued in a bewildering number of formats; from standard remastered CD and LPs to deluxe and super deluxe boxed editions on CD, vinyl and digital. Bonus goodies include previously unreleased alternate takes of album tracks, a March ’71 live show presented as Get Yer Leeds Lungs Out, DVD footage of two tracks from a Marquee gig from the same month, a 7″ coupling ‘Brown Sugar’ and ‘Wild Horses’, various books, postcards and other ephemera. Oh, and not forgetting a real zip!

As Sticky Fingers was the Stones’ first album of the ’70s, Shindig!’s BRIAN GREENE feels moved to select his personal Top 10 Stones cuts from the “sucking in” decade.

1. Sway (Sticky Fingers, 1971)

2. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (Sticky Fingers, 1971)

3. Rocks Off (Exile On Main Street, 1972)

4. Tumbling Dice (Exile On Main Street, 1972)

5. Torn And Frayed (Exile On Main Street, 1972)

6. Happy (Exile On Main Street, 1972)

7. Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) (Goats Head Soup, 1973)

8. Dance Little Sister (It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll, 1974)

9. Before They Make Me Run (Some Girls, 1978)

10. Shattered (Some Girls, 1978)



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