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Shindig! Broadcast #55

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS and THOMAS PATTERSON spin two hours worth of tunes, all featured in Shindig! #84

Sky Hawk ‘New Earth’  
Donovan ‘Sunny Goodge Street’
Donovan ‘Jersey Thursday’
Groovy Uncle ‘She’ll Never Be Mine’
The Heliocentrics ‘Capital Of Alone’
The Soundcarriers ‘Lose The Feel’
 The Anita Kerr Singers ‘Wine In The Wind’
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes ‘Roc Alpin’
Guy Skornik ‘Des Arbres De Fer’
Lovey Dove ‘Bedazzled’
Wax Machine ‘This’
Goblin ’Suspira’
Paul Weller ‘Books’
Honeybus ‘Under The Silent Tree’
Roger James ‘High Into The Sky’
The Guess Who ‘No Time’
Mystic Braves ‘Shades Of Grey’
Mark Sultan ‘Coffin Nails’
The Creation Factory ‘I Don’t Know What To Do’
Rare Earth ‘I Know I’m Losing You’
Fever Tree ’99 And One Half’
The Bit O Sweet ‘Is It On Is It Off’
Matt Berry ‘World In Action’
Strange Majik ‘Tokoyo Timebomb’
Aretha Franklin ‘Niki Hoeky’
Dave Davies ‘Creeping Jean’
The Groundhogs ‘Mistreated’
Man ’Sudden Death’
The Roulettes ‘Junk’
Jacco Gardner ‘Volva’


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