The Love Affair and Steve Ellis picture gallery

STEVE ELLIS is currently putting the finishing touches to his next album that features Paul Weller and a host of mod pals. Shindig! have heard a track of two, and it’s great. More on that soon. In the meantime here’s a pic gallery of cuttings from Steve’s collection with the singing cad’s own captions

“Elcot Park Hotel. Break from rehearsal.”

“I was right.”

“No your not.”

“If I did that now I would end up in traction.”

“Spot the sixth member. He was shy when he joined but we brought him out of his shell.”

“Very naughty boys indeed.”

“When you go down to the woods today.”

“Injured teen dream team prepare to thrash Bayern Munich.”

“Anybody seen my band?”

“We were never off.”

“Great band .”

“Its all lies I tell you.”

“s he growing whiskers?”

“Bless mum and Dad how did they put up with me…”

“Great gig Paisley in Scotland with Original AMEN CORNER and GENO WASHINGTON.”

“Da Boys. How do we all fit in that ?”

“Great Tour R.I.P. Ronnie Scott and Tony Crombie great guys they encouraged us all the time on tour.”


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