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The Love Affair and Steve Ellis picture gallery

STEVE ELLIS is currently putting the finishing touches to his next album that features Paul Weller and a host of mod pals. Shindig! have heard a track of two, and it’s great. More on that soon. In the meantime here’s a pic gallery of cuttings from Steve’s collection with the singing cad’s own captions

“Elcot Park Hotel. Break from rehearsal.”

“I was right.”

“No your not.”

“If I did that now I would end up in traction.”

“Spot the sixth member. He was shy when he joined but we brought him out of his shell.”

“Very naughty boys indeed.”

“When you go down to the woods today.”

“Injured teen dream team prepare to thrash Bayern Munich.”

“Anybody seen my band?”

“We were never off.”

“Great band .”

“Its all lies I tell you.”

“s he growing whiskers?”

“Bless mum and Dad how did they put up with me…”

“Great gig Paisley in Scotland with Original AMEN CORNER and GENO WASHINGTON.”

“Da Boys. How do we all fit in that ?”

“Great Tour R.I.P. Ronnie Scott and Tony Crombie great guys they encouraged us all the time on tour.”


8 thoughts on “The Love Affair and Steve Ellis picture gallery

  1. hello steve
    if only I were having this conversation with you, I joined your fan club back in 1967, saw you play at the lyceum
    in London, and have never forgotten you, everlasting love is my signature tune, my fav song of all time.
    would love to meet you, (high hopes) so glad your still making music.
    take care
    love Barbara Thomas xxx

  2. I was totally in love with the LOVE AFFAIR way back and still just as much in love with them today. I loved every song and still play them today. They have stood the test of time. If only I did not live on the other side of the world – maybe I may have had a chance to see and hear them play at a concert. LOVE AFFAIR and of course STEVE – your music will always play on for me

  3. Have never forgotten love affair,rainbow valley my favourite song of all time.loved them then love them now

  4. Was at a 1960s Gold concert in Belfast last night. Steve Ellis was performing. He was brilliant, first-class, so entertaining, what a voice! A truly wonderful evening.

  5. i was 7 when love affair sang everlasting love on totp..i fell in love with the blond haired boy…and still love him today. iwent to see steve in dartford in september this year,,still as lovely as ever…bought steves album and he signed it….keep going strong steve.xxx

  6. Every now and again a song comes along that you didn’t appreciate first time around. For 2019 it’s Bringing On Back the Good Times. I was always a Rainbow Valley or Everlasting Love man but today BOBTGT is even more relevant, perhaps as a result of Brexit. Look forward to seeing Steve Ellis for the first time later in the year.

  7. Dream to come true, my sister & I will be at Eastbourne in November for the 55th anniversary of 60’s music, My main man Steve Ellis will be there, so excited.

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