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Shindig! Broadcast #28 with live guests Tricca McNiff

What a great show! We were honoured to have Emma Tricca and Jason McNiff come into the studio for a wonderfully intimate live acoustic session


Delia Derbyshire ‘Dr Who Theme’
White Noise ‘My Game Of Loving’
The Rolling Stones ‘2000 Light Years From Home’
Pink Floyd ‘On The Run’
The Human League ‘Being Boiled’
Cool Ghouls ‘Sundial’
The Blind Owls ‘Gonna Have A Good Time’
Bridget St John ‘A Day Away’
Tricca McNiff ‘Southbound’ (Live In The Studio)
Tricca McNiff ‘Middletown’ (Live In The Studio)
Tricca McNiff ‘New York’ (Live In The Studio)
Bonnie Dobson ‘Morning Dew’
Fairfield Parlour ‘Chalk On The Water’
The Creation ‘Through My Eyes’
Tucky Buzzard ‘You’re All Alone’
Andrew Bown ‘Tarot’
Frog ‘Witch Hunt’
Uriah Heep ‘Dreammare’
The Koobas ‘First Cut Is The Deepest’
The Hollywood Brats ‘Tumble With Me’
Betty Davis ‘Hanging Out’
Marlena Shaw ‘Liberation Conversation’
Last Friday’s Fire ‘Something’s Happening’
Peck’s Bad Boys ‘Crazy World’


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