Stream Tau’s new album ‘Tau, Tau, Tau’ – released on Fuzz Club, Sept 9th

Before their Liverpool Psych Fest performance and numerous live shows Shindig! advance stream the forthcoming album from psych-folk duo TAU


The stories of myth tell us that the desert is a place of transformation where the physical emptiness of the landscape creates a potent space for connecting with the invisible and intangible forces of the numinous. History is full of seekers, artists, mystics and musicians who have travelled to the desert to enter into such an experience. It was after being lead on a pilgrimage through  “Wirikuta”,  the sacred desert of the Wixarika, native to the land the land of north west Mexico that Dublin-born Berlin resident Nunutzi was inspired to form Tau, meaning Father Sun. A shifting and fluid collaborative project with Nunutzi at the helm along with partner-in-sound, Venezuelan-born Gerald Pasqualin, the result is Tau’s debut album TAU TAU TAU – a wild archaic scream from the heart, woven from a seamless thread of prayers, chants, psychedelic invocations, and as Nunutzi says “songs of praise” in English, Spanish and Gaelic, shaken through pre-hispanic drums, bells, shakers, synths and acoustic guitar played “through an amp with a very shitty pick up that gives a weird sound.” Featuring collaborations with Knox Chandler of Siouxsie & The Banshees, Earl Harvin of Tindersticks,  Nina Hynes and Miss Kenichi, TAU TAU TAU includes numerous additional vocalists and musicians, all of whom make their own unique contribution to the celebratory psychedelic folk of Tau.

Tau Sun Square


16/09/2016 Clermont-Ferrand La Coopérative de Mai
17/09/2016 Angers Levitation fest
18/09/2016 Lille Strawberry Festival
23/09/2016 Giverny Fr Rock in the Barn
24/09/2016 Liverpool Psyche Fest
25/09/2016 Glasgow Psyche on Sunday @Broadcast
26/09/2016 Newcastle The Cumberland Arms
28/09/2016 London Shacklewell Arms Record Release Party
30/09/2016 Copenhagen Drone
01/10/2016 Aarhus Psych Fest
11/10/2016 Bermeo, ES Festival Mareak Jaialdia (Bermeo)
15/10/2016 Tenerife, ES keroxen Festival
16/10/2016 Antwerp Desertfest
27/10/2016 Roma, IT Init
28/10/2016 Pesaro, IT Circolo mengaroni
29/10/2016 Fontanafeaffa PN, IT Astro Club


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