Shindig! Broadcast #32 – Radio Show

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS and PAUL OSBORNE look back across 2016 with over two hours of stellar music


Air ‘Roger Song’
David Bowie ‘In The Heat Of The Morning’
Hawkwind ‘Lost Johnny’
The Freaks Of Nature ‘People Let’s Freak Out’
Doves ‘Smokey Time Springtime’
The End ‘Mistress Bean’
The Hollies ‘Wings’
Ella Fitzgerald ‘Savoy Truffle’
Betty Davis ‘Down Home Girl’
Little Richard ‘Mockingbird Sally’
Thee Jezebels ‘Mover & A Groover’
Little Barrie ‘I.5.C.A’
Roy Harper ‘Hells Angels’
Rainbow Family ‘Travelling Lady’
Hareton Salvanini ‘Salamandras’
Michael Vickers ‘Dracula AD 1972’
José Mauro ‘Apocalipse’
Peter Stringer-Hey ‘When My Eyes Are Closed’
Johnny Winter ‘Bird Can’t Row Boats’
The Charlatans ‘I Saw Her’
Big Star ‘Blue Moon’
The Lemon Twigs ‘How Lucky Am I?’
Clear Light ‘A Child’s Smile’
The Electric Prunes ‘World Of Darkness’
Le Papyvore ‘Le Papyvore’
Gloria ‘Beam Me Up’
Wolf People ‘Not Me Sir’
Ryley Walker ‘Sullen Mind’
Last Of The Easy Riders ‘Sunshine Healing’
Damien Jurado ‘Exit 353’



Premiere stream: Wolfgang ‘Eliminate Hate’ (Out-Sider Music)

What a find!!! This previously unreleased album by this mysterious band from Texas, produced in 1970 by C.L. Milburn of Sea Ell Records (The Coachmen, Knights Bridge, etc) sound like an  impossible mix between ’60s garage-punk, Texas psychedelia (think 13th Floor Elevators or Golden Dawn), The Misunderstood, late era Velvet Underground and ’70s pre-punk swagger. All of this featuring awesome distorted steel guitar plus the legendary “Wolf” Mike Long (Stone Axe, Josefus) on electric guitar. Shindig! offer this exclusive stream

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WIN exclusive signed Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children artwork

THOMAS PATTERSON talks with EBBOT LUNDBERG about Christmas, art and the future. (Comp question after interview)

Shindig!:  Are you looking forward to Xmas? What will you be doing this year for the festive season?

Ebbot Lundborg: I haven´t been looking forward to Xmas since my grandparents passed away. I just prefer to go away to Sri Lanka or someplace else that is not so dark and depressing as Sweden during winter solstice.

SD!:  What does a typical Swedish Xmas look like? Are there unusual traditions non-Swedes will find fascinating?

EB: Heavy drinking with sugar on top basically.It has always been like that long before Santa entered the picture.
In the past It was called “Supa Jul” which means “Drinking Yule”.
As a non Swede I don´t know if that´s fascinating though, except maybe the silly moonwalking around the christmas tree and the astonishing amount of booze that is consumed.

SD!: Do you have any favourite festive music you like to slip on the stereo this time of year?

EB: I may listen to Jan Johansson Svenska Folkvisor,  or anything by The Free Design this year. If not maybe something by Upside Down Cross.

SD!: As you know, we’re giving away some signed artwork as a competition for our readers. What can you tell us about the artwork? Where was it taken and what does it mean to you?

EB: It´s taken in the woods where I live by the west coast of Sweden. This is where I mostly spend my time relaxing. The photographer´s name is Dan Isaac Wallin. A brilliant artist who´s very much into using 19th century cameras.

SD!: What does the new year hold in store for you and the band?

EB: A lot of things because there are so many interesting changes happening in the world right now. So musically we are probably going to do something exciting and scary.


To win a signed print of the below artwork answer this simple question: “What was the name of Ebbot’s break through band?”

Email your answer to with “EBBOT COMP” in the title by Jan 31st



Marvin Gardens ‘Close The Door Lightly’

Taken from the revelatory anthology 1968 from electric-folk/garage-psych alchemists MARVIN GARDENS, here are a band that easily warrant the oft-overused terms like “lost gem”, and “buried treasure”. Comprised of never-before-heard Warner Bros. audition demos, an extremely rare, self-released, seven-inch EP, and an inspired live performance from the legendary Matrix club in San Francisco, 1968 captures virtually all recorded evidence of a dynamic and mesmerizing band that existed for only a couple years at the tail end of the 60s. Buy it here