Ulysses unleash new video ‘Smiling’

Bath’s merry mob release the second video from brand new album, Law & Order 

In issue #58 Shindig! award Law & Order ***** stars. This top mark effort that blends glam, psych, folk and rock together in Ulysses’ own inimitable manner may well be the perfect antidote for our current climate. A time when Brexit has split the UK and Trump is rallying against all that is good and decent in America. Can you remember the grey days of the early ’70s when  the glitter of Slade and Sweet or the humble stomp of Mungo Jerry made a bad time momentarily better? If so, you’ll see a lot of parallels to what these guys are doing, and the fun they offer us. BBC 6 Music are you listening? These guys need airplay.


The story of ’60s garage band legends The Sloths

The Sloths played Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in the mid-60’s with legends such as Pink Floyd, The Animals, and The Doors. Releasing a racy single called ‘Makin’ Love” as teenagers may have prevented The Sloths from becoming legends themselves. Twenty years later the single resurfaced on the influential Back From The Grave series. Almost fifty years after the single, The Sloths reunited to perform incendiary live shows and record their first album. Check out their amazing story here


Pere Ubu – David Thomas: The Fixer

When PERE UBU emerged from the wreckage of Rocket From The Tombs to infect the industrial heartlands of mid-70s Ohio with their throbbing, squealing sonic architecture, few would have seriously considered their candidature for rock longevity a viable prospect. But David Thomas had other plans. He always does. “When we started, nobody liked us in Cleveland. We accepted that this was the natural order of things – that nobody would ever like us, much less HEAR us. So when that becomes your world-view then everything is very easy.” An A&R man’s worst nightmare (they stubbornly refused to be pigeonholed), the band have sculpted their own unique trajectory with singularly relentless conviction over these past 40 years. JOHNNIE JOHNSTONE learns about their highly awaited tour


Thomas, along with the latest incarnation of Pere Ubu (he is the only remaining original member), is making the final preparations for The North American Coed Jail! Tour, where the current line up – one of the band’s strongest ever – will perform classic material from their “historical era” (1975-82). While that prospect may be a mouthwatering one to long term fans, it is not something you might expect from him. Thomas has taken great care to ensure Pere Ubu remains a constantly evolving entity, always moving forward, so for him this seems an uncharacteristically retrospective move. But then, possibly the only predictable thing about David Thomas is his unpredictability. He thinks about music in pretty much the same way as he does life and art. The great French film-maker Jean Renoir once explained the idiosyncrasies of human behaviour by noting that “in life, everyone has his reasons”. Thomas concurs: “I am not a playful guy when it comes to work – there’s always a reason. Orson Welles was asked why he made Anthony Perkins act in a certain way as Josef K. The critic  said ‘Kafka meant the character to be an innocent victim of the machinery.’ Welles responded, ‘No, he’s guilty – guilty as hell.’ ” Read more Pere Ubu – David Thomas: The Fixer


Shindig! Broadcast #25 with Judy Dyble


Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills and Thomas Patterson play the music behind Shindig! magazine. Judy Dyble from Fairport Convention / Trader Horne pops in to discuss the London counter culture of the ’60s

As always we had a ball. Yes, the fader wasn’t on to start with, a song cut out and so on… Bah, mere teething problems. Once we started getting into it we were cooking with gas. What music! What music! Judy was absolutely lovely too.

We’ll be back at Soho Radio on July 14th. And remember, any bands or singers who inhabit the Shindigverse are welcome to come on air to be interviewed and play… we can accommodate sessions… And labels, send lovely vinyl our way. We aim to grow this show… from small things etc etc

Read more Shindig! Broadcast #25 with Judy Dyble