Shindig! Broadcast #31 radio show and Club Night, Dec 9th

We had a lovely time on Dec 1st for our on air Xmas party with guests Cobalt Chapel, seasonal music and laughs aplenty. Enjoy. Next Friday will be another The Shindig! Broadcast – Club Night and if in London, or visiting, we’d love to see you there




Vince Guaraldi Trio ‘Christmas Is Coming’

John Barry ‘Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown (from the On Her Majesty’s Secret Service OST)’

Caetano Veloso ‘In The Hot Sun Of A Christmas Day’ Read more Shindig! Broadcast #31 radio show and Club Night, Dec 9th


Premiere: Night Beats ‘The Fuzz Club Sessions’

Earlier in the year, London label Fuzz Club got Seattle R&B trio Night Beats down to an analogue recording studio in South London to record a live album, during a worldwide tour in support of their Heavenly Recordings-released LP Who Sold My Generation. The brilliant session boasts five tracks from the album, one from 2013’s Sonic Boom and a fuzzed-out rendition of Bo Diddley’s blues classic  ‘Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut’



The release is limited to 250 deluxe boxes including 180g clear vinyl, printed dust sleeve, tote bag, sticker and photo booklet and 250 standard copies on 180g black vinyl
Order here

Read more Premiere: Night Beats ‘The Fuzz Club Sessions’


Shindig! Broadcast #30

Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills and Thomas Patterson are joined by Simon Matthews, author of Psychedelic Celluloid

Frog ‘Witch Hunt’

The Lemon Twigs ‘How Lucky Am I?’

McDonald & Giles ‘Flight Of The Ibis’


The Black Diamonds ‘I Want, Need, Love You’


Penny Arkade ‘Lights Of Dawn’

Lee Hazlwood ‘Morning Dew’


Armando Trovaoli and Mal Ryder ‘Love Girl’

Yvonne ‘While I’m Still Young’

Electric Banana ‘Eagle’s Son’

The Pink Floyd ‘Theme From The Committee’

Harry Nilsson ‘Daybreak’

Zzebra ‘Zardoz’


Hackamore Brick ‘Got A Gal Named Wilma’

Khan ‘Break The Chains’

Stereo Moon ‘Psychedelic Love’

Wolf People ‘Night Witch’

The Olympians ‘Mars’

Tim Buckley ‘Phantasmagoria In Two Live London 1968’


Richard Swift ‘Kisses For The Misses’

Pete Atkin ‘Carnations On The Roof’

The Pattersons ‘I Can Fly’


Shindig! Broadcast – Radio Show & Club Night. This week.

Yep, time flies.  Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills will be back in Soho Radio on Thurs 6th between 1200-1400 with guest Mike Murphy from The Wicked Whispers, and on Friday the “Broadcast” takes on its “club night” mantle in The Hanway Social with Jon, Paul Osborne and Grey Newell spinning an eclectic mix of psounds